A new journey of a young man…

_facebook_-684889876_Corey Lynch

Not too many words can set anything in motion.

I know it has been a long time since my last blog entry; well not too long but recent events struck me to write today. A good friend of mines Corey Lynch passed away. This happen a few days ago; he left this realm in his home; hopefully it was a peaceful journey.
Let me tell you a few things. Corey was one of the most intelligent, thought-provoking, kind, charismatic, beautiful human being I had the absolute honor of knowing. I really mean those words, he was all of those things and a little more. The flaws he had made him more human which in turn showed the greatness of his character. A true measure of a man.

He was a native of the American Virgin Islands; a citizen who lived in the mainland for most of his adult life. He was teacher of history, social justice, talented steel drum player, writer (fiction & non-fiction), and a solid chess player. A former football player but also an intellectual who would verse with anyone on any subject but with a humble vide and non-judgmental tone. He loved the game of dominos as well as the game of baseball. We would argue for hours over the Cardinals and Cubs rivalry as he was a strong Cubs fan (yes I know that’s a shocker lol) and I a Cardinals fan. He loved his cigars, fine cigars along with his guns in which he displayed at targeting ranges. He was an everyman yet wasn’t an “anyman.” He was a good friend, a very good person.

The Fairfax County Juvenile Domestic Courts lost a great person; but the community of Washington D.C. lost a potential souljah who would fight for social justice with pose and intelligence with sound reasoning. This man; this great man will be missed…

I’m sorry I can’t type anymore.

9 thoughts on “A new journey of a young man…

  1. Hi …. I also knew Corey from school and I also played in the same steel band too. He was everything you said he was and much more. When I recently heard this news I couldn’t believe it. But I I’m also curios to know what happened? Do you know how he passed? He will truly be missed by all the lives he touched at some point in his life. Ready peacefully my friend rest peacefully


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