Great Acts from the Darken ones…(Part 4)

Seven of Nine


Lets venture into the world of Star Trek for a few, more to the point the series Voyager. Capt. Janeway commanding the Star Ship Voyager are lost in the Delta Quadrant; millions and millions (I’m guessing, not a astrophysics here) away from the nearest star base in our quadrant (Alpha). They encounter countless of other life forms, some good and some bad. Creating alliances with new species and creating conflict with others. For the most part everything from their trials and successes started to even out until…

Re-Introduction of the BORGBorg_cube_ship_over_earth

Yep, Star Trek (new generation) most destructive foe returns to hunt the Federation once again; but this time only a small explorer ship from Star Fleet. Unbeknownst at the time of the crew of Voyager, this part of space was the home of the Borg and it became evident they were outnumbered and out gun. Their ship boarded; crew almost assimilated by the Borg with by one in particular who was part of the boarding party leading the fight against the crew..

She was seven of nine of the Borg assault team.

Well if you are a fan (and if not netflick the last 3 seasons of the show; very enjoyable) they were defeated and the seven of nine of the borg boarding party was capture. With the other eight dead and crew of the star ship safely away from the Borg Fleet, Capt Janeway embarked on a curious yet risk-taking mission.

To change this use to be human back to a human.

It was not easy at all. The process took a lot of patience, threats and attempts on the captain’s life as the borg did not want to change back. It was the only life she knew of, up to this point. But with the captain’s persistence she kept on and ultimately reached the human within the machine.

A picture of the borg girl as a human child was the breaking point.

The passage was finally for her to learn to become a human again. Even though she had her almost “slip ups” (betraying the crew at one point to a wandering Borg Vessel) until she finally accepted who she was. She adopted the name 7 of 9; Seven of Nine as a tribute to he former life and acceptance of her lost one. She became a valuable member of the crew and without her presence Capt. Janeway would had been killed a long time ago. She even formed a relationship with a member of the crew (spoilers as Dr. River Song of Doctor Who would say)…


And to anyone who isn’t dead, she is quite the attractive one; beauty and intelligence draped in cold metal. I can truly say what makes Seven of Nine a true anti hero is who is she really fighting for? Who is her real family?
Only she could answer that in time.

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