Great Acts from the Darken ones…(Part 2)

Here we ago with.


The Master……

I know what you are thinking especially if you are a Doctor Who fan. The MASTER?! Yes I am serious and I’m not talking about the original ones (Roger Delgado, Peter Pratt, Anthony Ainley) but the newest one John Simm in the two part episodes “The End of Time” showed another side.

the great Roger Delgado; a personal favorite i had to add..
the great Roger Delgado; a personal favorite i had to add..

This Master realized at the very end that the very existence of the Time Lords was an abomination especially after the time war with the Daleks in which they were destroyed. Now, they are back to which a fix point in time was disturbed greatly and the Time Lords, lead by Rassilon. (played by Timothy Dalton) wanted revenge against all creation. Even the Master knew this had to be stop, even from the past battles with the Doctor he gave his life to stop the Time Lords.

He became a hero against the beating of the drums…..

The Sound of Drums (9)

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