Great acts from the darken ones….(Part One)

This is a series of anti heroes, yes the so call heroes who don’t want to be heroes but end up being heroes only from the conclusion of their own selfish (sometimes non-selfish depending on the deed) act that greatly helps out the many innocents in spite of the ends. Their means could be noted as extreme and even evil to a certain point of view but as I stated before the ends are usually justified due to the saving of innocents lives.

You see these types of people before; some in real life but that is not any fun to talk about them, I.E Ray Lewis, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, just to name a few (sorry mind went numb and the only ones I could think of were sports guys)….

Lets begin with fictional ones; well lets just stay with them. You know your Punisher, Catwoman, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk, Winston Smith, Phoenix (Xmen),Solid Snake, Vegeta, Piccolo along with a whole heap of others. Yes I said heap, I am from the Midwest ok :o).

Now one of my personal favorites to start off with is……….


I remember first watching the animated version of Spawn that showed on HBO at 9pm (central time) back in the early 90s’ blew me away. The gritty attention to detail, hopeless environment as well as a gloomy theme just made for great television with the added bones of Keith David’s powerful yet haunted voice as Spawn. Hats off to creator Todd McFarlene for creating such a masterpiece.

Spawn; Season 1

How in the blue hell (seriously no pun intended) does one who was some CIA Black Ops Agent, turned into a Hell Spawn, sent back to Earth to condition the world for the End of Days, which to the horror this poor soul still believed he could reconcile with his former wife Wanda. There were a lot of WTF moments in this joint.

His powers were incredible, supernatural abilities coupled with superhuman strength. But more important, he was dead and could not be killed, well killed I relative terms. Unfortunately for Spawn the Arch-Angel Gabriel was the hunt as she had history of destroying past Hell Spawns (I wonder the fight between her and Ghost Rider who would had came out the winner?).

In short this is a tormented soul who still hung own to his human side while encase in a demon body. His battles within himself were in a sense more perilous and dangerous than the outer ones…

But one must wonder did he have these battles while working for the CIA, you know exterminating civilians (collateral damage) isn’t exactly ——honorable…

Thanks for reading and a new bio on the next one to come shortly. Also if there are any corrections on accuracy with the history of Spawn, let a brotha’ know.


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