Walking into the void (part 2 from what a day)

Part 2…… (from what a day)

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visit http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/pluto.html

Walking into the void (if I could)

if I could,
see the edge
of humanity as
it stood apart
from me

much love for those
strive for good,
the innocent
is left alone,
to fight the war
of known reality

my friends I
you to remember
me as the person
who did a job
though it cost
everything, everything from
a 211 call
to a 187 verdict.
I ask for mercy

my God, if I could
see my love
river of styx
drowns my hopes,
faith from ever

who am I today?
who am I tomorrow?
Who am I forever?

A statistic.

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