Home-going (part 3 from what a day…)

Part 3 from what a day….

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home-going (from some church near you)

from void to un-void

from shadows to brightness (voidness)

the everlasting
existence of peace,
peace with friends
who passed
so long

I did it,
oh yea
i’m bout’ to meet
my maker—a deity,
a force,
a mystery.

Yes I
said it right,
a mystery
from Allah
to Jehovah
from Jesus
to Yahweh
the great

wait is that monotheistic?
no you idiot, its polytheistic.
Yes its Hinduism so it is…..

(maybe I won’t meet anything or anyone)

I can smile,
I can breath,
I can feel my soul
up to the heavens,
above a tainted

I’m more than just a number,
more than a soulless obituary,

i’m better, much
better than you.

I feel no pain from
the world’s palm.

I feel like dreams
are often wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to read these old works or mines. I must confess, the last one I (home-going) I change the ending up. A person can change perceptive, just a bit over the years, I call it growing into oneself.

Others might call it subjective speculation.

I will just pick the one that make me more human to be suggestive in the eyes of a judging world. Even in the eyes of a status quo that holds not boundaries on pretense.

But I still hold core beliefs. Yes I am talking vague. I will leave the last stanza of the original poem:

God, I
have one thing
to say;


Be well and thanks for your time.

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