Witness of a domestic dispute…

Here is another old poem from 1993, more situational poetry I use to write a long time ago. It makes you wonder how far we came in the terms of relationships; and how much we need to strive to make them whole. If not well….

evil can happen…

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Witness of a domestic dispute

was it fate that bought us here?
A man of words with too many beers
the woman’s voice wasn’t calm
feeling the wrath of the devil’s palm…

much love for those we see out front
the man’s mistake, the woman’s hunt
the child is somewhere near
without affection of any fear

the house looks so quiet but yet so dark
past stories of horror, to and fro
but can light escape the door?
Looking for the gates once more.

No news, no sounds, no people to watch
the man’s display of drunken upheaval
the woman’s cries made shame delight,
cause the child to commit to flight

I—t–think I knew why I was so sad
and why the neighbor’s hearts sunk so low
could it be the man’s death is the answer?
Could it be the woman’s action is the determinant?

K.G. Bethlehem

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