Taking a stand

This will be my last poem for at least a week. Gotta head out of town on some business but thank you for stopping by and reading this work. The honor you guys show me makes it worth writing. This is an old poem; wrote this in high school; senior year I believe. Back in 1993 in St. Louis, MO.

Taking a stand

see me if you can.

a tiny man pacing down
to an existence,
a territory which was famous
to his own self
to his own people.

he looks through a tiny hole
with his tiny eyes
pondering on tiny dreams
with tiny expectations.

the surroundings were great
well, great to him
with yielding roots
clawing towards the dirt,
grimly looking rays
of scattered moonlight fell
upon his face
displaying somber, tears
and hope.


his seed was born
his seed was created on earth
from an reunion
of lovers
which he stayed
and cared for
the tiny one,
so small with
an ignorant
of the

a new-found
the tiny man
to a Grown Man
as “acceptance”
clashes with

And might
to comfort,

love is a mother…

And might
to comfort,

so is being
my color.

to my Hebraic child…

22 thoughts on “Taking a stand

    1. Thank you and much appreciated. To be frank, as I look at this poem now I have no idea how I came up with this. I was 18 at the time and didn’t have my first child until I was in my mid-30s. So yeah, just a writer’s high I suppose..

      Thanks for the comment and visiting.

  1. Oh definitely, the post before this reblogged was about me and my friend F. Kenneth Taylor completed work called “Shadow Within a City.” I also wrote a fantasy book called “Avenging Knights Rebirth of Lost Honor.” Me and a couple of my friends publish a one issue comic book called shadowkill.

    Currently I working on another comic book project here in Washington D.C and a sci-fi book as well. For the most part I write books, poetry, blog, and a script writer for comic books.

    Thanks for asking, appreciate it. Will visit your page more often to dialogue as well.

  2. Hey Kg, finally got to read one of your poems. You had me running round and round in circles through your entire blog. Which was quite a good journey I might add. Plus I got you! I saw your poetry and it was certainly worth it the running around to find it.

    By the way, you have a little cute one over there. I think you should get yourself a stick now for prevention when she gets a bit older and little boys start going after her. And having a dad like you, she´s going to be(if she like this writing thing) the next Shakespeare in town.

    1. Wassup CP, you honored me with those words. Thank you for taking the time to read my posting. Most of them were “in the moment thinking,” but happy none made you say too much “WTF”

      Yeah she is a cutie and yes i am over protected of her now (yea i know). Young Shakespeare?!

      right on man, thanks again. good writers find other good writers true? Take care and keep up your brilliant musings…

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