Certain moments, certain thoughts…

Hope everyone enjoys this, thanks for taking a moment to read my work…

Certain moments, certain thoughts…

You should remember certain days,
awaken news in awkward moments,
time of disclosures near

without any expression—hence fear.

The room was so quiet
and very dark
the room was so surreal
like abstract art.

If you could see
what I was doing
in that moment

a time that stood still at 5am

I reflected backwards
in a time of younger…

I recall moments
in daylight

throughout the seasons
flowing through many years
a love that was dear
at 5am made more clear.

I will remember a certain day,
that early disclosures prove costly
only for selfish reasons

can see what happen was right,
for all who knew
the person who left so comfortably
in lasting years of agony.

I can’t seem to focus well—-
you comfort me,
as I lost and gain
in daylight and surreal darkness,
I longed for peace to afar…

it was given at 5am that day.

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