The Unsound Hero…

Greetings again, yep two days in a row haven’t posted like this since———-3 months ago.

I think??

Well enough of that here’s a very, very old poem I wrote back in 1996. Around that time I wrote poems; more basic about sports, figures in history and sometimes social commentary. This one in particular was over a sport that was #1 for me during my childhood until football took that over.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this piece; short and somewhat to the point.

The Unsound Hero

One day I look for seasons’ past

opening day of the struggles

the teams out front for heavens gates

while coaches stretch forth their legs

The stars were announce at first

glamor life of beer and mini-skirts

Could he be the savior once more?

The fans’ delight for another year.

home run, double, damn a single

his stats increase day by day

the post of the city issue his name

spreading his fame and hiding his pain

all-star break came around

the little ones grasp at his arm

his body was seen like a ghost

as he glide through without a peep

A fatal flaw is seen at last

the dispute over money and playing spots

our hero is just a mere man

full of greed and envy for the crowd

To relate to the public he gives generously

to needy clubs and have-nots’ shelters

lets account for his efforts at least

a penny for the needy at God’s feast.

Thanks again for taking the time to read…

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