A Point of Nothing Yearn

Let me try to get back in focus, just a bit…
and what way to start this off is with a love poem confused of being a love poem.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting…


Love’s reaction from being label a love poem…



A point of nothing yearn







I speak of roses,

You voice illness towards nature,

I wonder so deeply about your thoughts of me,

You flee from conversations of my



I sing with acid breath a song of togetherness,

You wroth age ole’ stories of broken hearts

And classic “city burn.”


I give sweet strawberry shortbread,

for nothing,


You snicker at tenderness as an affront for betrayal.


i call,

you send chain emails,

i want,

you neither desire

anything open or apart

of me,


I’m falling so heavily,

so spiritual enlighten thoughts of poetry,

even a touch of your hand,

opening of a door,

any chore that moves me to closer

to you.


i hunger until my body aches,

dreaming of soft fondling

peck kisses,

soft moans of ecstasy

i want you, inviting my manhood

inside of you,

pierce your heavenly gate

of womanhood,

of gentle bites

upon my flesh,

yes love making


With eternal ponderings of companionship…..


all I ask,


just all out wanting the same,

just a tad, at least a full morsel

of wanting me,

a forever tree,

liken you, the garden rose

growing underneath me,

but all I have is the thorns,

woman’s scorn

and odious assumptions

of so-call manly gestures.

am I the fool,

to seek an impossible act.


are you wise,

not to give it to


you, to share pure nirvana

to consider life

in all fullness,


grasping of your breast,

grabbing of my lower strength….


I want, just you

Your mind,

Please be so kind,

You returned “never mind.”





K.G. Bethlehem

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