The era of confusion granted by Midwest City’s dogma…

Who is this ShadowKill???

a killer or friend?

A foe to authority?

A hero to the common good?

“BloodOath can kiss my ass for the lack of a better vocabulary of words…”


A lot of question marks surrounds this entity; an unknown to Midwest City whose only witnesses to it were all killed for the most part. His origins are unbeknownst. His methods are death, no mercy who very seldom takes prisoners. A foe or friend? I will explain this from another point of view.

He is a enemy of the collective authority. He is a threat to the sound structure of the city, social economical status of the elite as well as a burden to the middle class. He disrupts order, which adds to the grief of the common people who will suffer from new laws from the authority due to his virulent methods.

He murders a few criminals…

New ordinances are created to shorten an already shorten curfew.

He takes out corrupted cops.

New laws makes it harder to own a gun and/or any weapon that was use at his crime scene; ie: a sword. But strangely enough swords are not outlawed completely—-guns nearly are.

New ordinances deemed that a gathering of individuals are not allowed unless a permit was obtain with the reason for the gathering in the first place is deemed lawful by the High Mayor’s office.

Yes Marshal Law without the visibility of an army.

ShadowKill—friend or foe???

You decide in a manner of weeks to come…


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