a player’s story…


as I stated before this was the poem I read during the poetry slam. Everyone and I mean everyone was reciting sexual content poetry and I came along with this…..

a player’s story

there she goes
man, the woman
of “nice” appeal
switching her eyes
back and forwards
grinning lecherous
at me, hell, I’m
da’ man of this

Player, player
wine chaser,
spicy nothings
whisper in close
your number
is our beginning
your trust
is your downfall.

Making progress
in getting to the homestead
obscure lights,
empty bottles
of light-headed
The evening
was fading
into something
heated; as my hands
your thighs.

One beat motion
as our bodies
crashed into one
screams engulf
the room,
without vexing
was our tune.

This “creep” mission came to an end,
from casual associates
to intimate friends,
one factor she forgot
to convey,

she was the carrier
of AIDS.

And that was a wrap to the love sick poems of that evening, hope you enjoyed and thanks again for visiting.

KG Bethlehem

It’s a great feeling being back in one’s hometown. Relaxing and speaking with old friends who are basically like family. Driving around the old parts where one use to ‘hang out” before growing older and having more responsibility.

I remember the old neighborhood, playing b-ball, bike racing, old rap battles and yes, video game play. I remember the absent of ones who left so long ago but memories will never be forgotten.

Not with me, never that.

I drove past yesterday an old poetry spot that isn’t in existence anymore, it was a bookstore called “Afrocentric Books and Cafe.” It was located on Olive Blvd in St. Louis County, a great bookstore, great conversation with the owner and his wife. Crazy enough it was the first place I read poetry at, a small venue roughly made up of six people would gather and just read their musings of the day.

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