Rebirth of Lost Honor….

Gotta do this again…..

Fantasy is a thing, a life creation that one dives into in full imagination. We are easily liken to tales of good, the classic theme of fighting evil but with this story the evil in turn is in ourselves.

The heroes in turn are fighting not just for their own lives but the sanity of nature.

I guess revenge isn’t the best dish served cold, thanks for your time.

KG Bethlehem

Well ladies and gentlemen,

This was my very first book I publish “Avenging Knights, Rebirth of Lost Honor.” Iuniverse gave me the chance and Yah bless, I took it. If you enjoy a fantasy tale of good vs evil but with a twist. Just imagine a hero fighting and the only thing that comes to mind through his and her’s mind is “I ain’t a fucking hero!”

That in a nutshell is the Avenging Knights, rebels without a cause but searching for one.

Also the book is for sell at and

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