Inspirations from afar and unlikely sources…

From fellow wordpress bloggers Sharmishtha Basu ( a really good metaphysical poet) and nature traveler and explorer Towelspacked I thought of this poem I wrote close to 10yrs ago. Now I will put out a disclaimer, I am ok as a poet, there are others who are better (Sharmishtha and my gurl Shea Brown of STL) but I really enjoyed this one.

One reason years ago I use to mountain climb for a bit; more in the nature reserve of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL but I was an fantastic experience. The battle against nature, well more so the battle within yourself to make it to the top. The drive it takes but the will to keep pressing on even when it would be easier to give up. I learn a lot from those climbs, the same way I learned when I ran cross-country and track, “If you give up now, get use to it for the rest of your life…”

I said no thanks.

Hope you enjoy this work; dedication to that experience so long ago….

(rock climbing on Mt. Yeng)

he climbed, as he spoke
his joints lock towards submission of grace

last line of defense was inspired
section around his small waist

shoes, oh I meant boots grind the open rocks,
sung, sharp cuts echo on scorn rubber

he yelled, “BELAY ON!!”
the holders of life responded in kind

courage was very outspoken during his plight
space was sovereign under his might

longing struggle was here,
fear was ever so clear

near the top of the rock
beginning of pleasurable egoism

he conquer,
nature lost,
his fame begun throughout the land
while ego still expand.

he screamed “ON BELAY!!”
his foot step outwards
and broke the plain
of existing space…..

Thank you for you time, seriously I greatly appreciate it….

6 thoughts on “Inspirations from afar and unlikely sources…

  1. Hi, I love this poem it’s inspiring, smart, and everyone has a mountain to climb and knows this feeling! I really hope you keep writing poetry, because it’s great! Thank you for the follow! Keep writing!


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