From a wormhole near you—-Surreal review of F. Kenneth Taylor’s AFTERMATH

This story is a little personal to me. Not in the sense of something I wrote (deep down I wished I had the stamina and create forte to invent such a sci-fi masterpiece but I digress) but I remember reading the very first initial manuscript of this story. And people I ain’t lying I did and it change quite a bit from the original (one fact that the characters gotten to explore space for one LOL, sorry Kenny). Since it is personal I really can’t give a totally bias view of it so I will say the only thing that bothered me, which was small. WHY IS EVERYONE SO DAMN ANGRY!!!! There I said it, that is truly my only criticism of this novel.

Here is a quick review of F. Kenneth Taylor’s masterpiece “AFTERMATH.” Now I know what you are thinking (well maybe due to I really haven’t said a damn thing yet) but this story deals with the classic motif of a group of friends, heroes (and heroines) who fought against a corrupted government (galactic that is) rid the people of many planets of their oppressive rule. The story is full of action, space ship battles, ground assaults, hand to hand combat as well as some really aggressive verbal exchanges. There is a vast number of aliens, lesser governments, solar systems, and even travel to other galaxies that would give the average Trekkie something to talk about, and that is saying a lot coming from a Trekkie myself. The odds are against this rebel force as they are outnumbered nearly 10 to 1 but through careful and sophisticated planning they always kept the edge against the Elite Core.

But there is more, romance and different stages of it. For example you have the main character Poet and his relationship with his girlfriend Serenity. Poet wants more but she does not due to past conflict from previous relationships. Poet of course doesn’t give up and keeps pursuing her to take their relationship to the next level as the story furthers you as the reader root more for Poet’s request to finally become a reality. Even with all the external conflict that was happening all he wanted was true love, someone to stand by his side forever even in death. He himself was a former Elite Core pilot and shared past near death battles but with that he wanted love and nothing else, well maybe besides freedom but one could speculate that he would even forsake that for love. Or could he?

The other relationship was between Prophet and Brianna. This or course was the classic love situation in which both progressed to the next level and was engaged to be married. They enjoyed each other company and it was obvious to their rebel friends they were in love, no questions. They were best friends, finish each other thoughts, but one could wonder? Why in the hell would they get involved in such a conflict with everything to lose. They value freedom but weren’t threaten by the oppressive rule as the others were. One could argue they would forsake their love for freedom for all. They really could. As you can see this is the Ying & Yang of both relationships I spoke of, but in essence the theme of both of them could be noted as parallel to the oppressive regime only from their motivation, not their action….

One thing that F. Kenneth Taylor really gains the attention of the reader is the dialogue It flows so real that one could picture a actual conversation they had I the past (or even the present) with friends of everyday notions. He grasped the concept of “attitude dialogue,” the wisdom to not hide behind words but at the same time does. Aggressive and passive aggressive along with outward joy and packaged wisdom. It is truly amazing how he does it. The conversations are in line with the setting, the backdrop of the each scene. Even different space ships, how they move flow with the emotions of the dialogue. When you read it you will definitely see this for yourself.

Well folks their you have it, AFTERMATH is a great, action, emotional roller coaster ride to hell to heaven. With stops of breathless space between engrossed expression. Wonderful and intelligent work by the author. Well done!!


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