A quick look…..”Gospel of Lazlo” Novel of untold madness and brillance.

“Sometimes the griever forgets what he grieves, and strangely so why the fuck he started to anyway…”

In nut shell of a rambling concise statement of thought, this is Lazlo. A below anti hero with heroic ways that shows even in the darkest of hours—well every other minute. To read J. Ethan Begley’s classic novel “THE GOSPEL OF LAZLO” one who had thought they step into a world of dark future but strong hints of it happening in present time.

Whenever that might be.

He starts off working a average day job by their terms (in ours something in the mixture of garbage men and caretakers) as he runs into friends along the way who had their own issues; agendas in all trying to solve the mystery (or just curious) of a dead apartment renter in which he took over his living quarter. A chase by unknown authorities with a hint of betrayal ever so present made this story an interesting splash of brilliance.

The combination of Fahrenheit 451 and A Clockwork Orange.

In other words a tale of madness draped with a sad look into the future (or present) of twisted thought patterns that somehow were parallel with the mindset of the current political environment. Unobservable puppet masters created the fate of Lazlo, as like a politician who sold their soul to continue the “order of things.”

But in Lazlo’s case it was much simpler.

He wanted this as the world burns to a crisp, which to his likening, the lies as well.

A much read, if you don’t mind having your core beliefs shaken a bit….

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