Absent makes any heart wonder?

This past Mother’s Day was actually a fair day…

First I called my mom and wished her a happy Mother’s day (mailed her a card and a gift card a week prior), sent out texts to some friends but work in the evening….yea that suck.

But one thing that didn’t suck was working with the young men today. I started the foundation of a creative arts project in which they will create a comic book. At first this started about a week ago and a few were “luke-warm” to the idea. Then all the sudden it picked up steam. At least 4 of them were pretty good artist, two are exceptional writers. Now the day before I taught them the basics, well at least the writers of writing a standard plot and transforming it to a script. Today—–

It became a script.

Now the artist created their heroes/villains and everyone is in a buzz about the project. Hopefully it will take off and a comic book will be born in the next month or so….

I really love to see young people happy when the realization of dreams becoming reality.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOMS!!! Love you Betty J. Daniel!!

I know this is belated….

4 thoughts on “Absent makes any heart wonder?

  1. KG, excellent job with the young men, this project will teach them so much; how to work together & function as ‘one’ unit, as a ‘whole’, and that’ll teach them to respect others opinions and how to compromise to reach a larger, greater, common cause or goal. They’re gonna get a crash course in trust, as they learn to trust each other to hold up their end of things, but most important, when they’ve completed this project, they would have learned the sense of feeling of ‘self-achievement’, and that will stay with them for years to come!

    Once again, job very well done! Damn! I wish could be there! BTW, I’m still working on Chap. 7, I’m about halfway done with it. I start my vacation this week, so I’ll have plenty of time for writing, I’m hoping to write about 3 chapters during my vacation, will keep you posted. Keep me updated on the project!


  2. Kay-dee….you never cease to amaze me with the love and compassion you have in your heart for others but the younger generation especially. I hope the comic book project turns to a success for them and I pray your career as a writer sky rockets ….love you bro keep up the positivity its definitely catching on.


  3. Much love and respects Shea brown, you really know how to make a brotha feel good. Yes people being praised by one of the greatest spoken word artist in the midwest is high honor…


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