Time,wonders and infinite changes….

I had a discussion with a friend of mines about a week ago. It was about poetry and what is the real meaning behind what a poet writes. She stressed strongly that poetry must come from the writer within. A person must not think about what people would think about his/her poem but write from the heart.

I believe that, I also believe as a writer one must write from within and not for the readers for the most part. Its true that as a writer you must consider what your target audience would like to read but the creative content of the work must be solely the writer’s thoughts. Not the thoughts of people paying money. This is an interesting topic, do people actually get into writing to get rich? Amazingly enough gifted writers such as H. P. Lovecraft and Phillp K. Dick ultimately died almost broke. Stories such as Moby Dick became famous almost 100 years after its first publication. Here is a thought, the next blog will focus on this topic, riches or creative absolute. Which one?

Oh sorry for taking such a while to write, busy life means limited time….

But responsibility must be held at the up-most in high regard.

Yeah, I will do better LOL>

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