My favorite….naw not really but introduction of me…


I am trying to rapid fire these entries now so with that being said (or type) let me do a formal introduction of myself.

I was born and raise in St. Louis, MO. Graduated from Normandy High school in 1993. Son to Willie and Betty Daniel; greatest parents in the world (IMHO). I have a beauitful 2yr old daughter Ziona who has two great parents who care for her dearly. I have one brother C. M. Daniel who has a beautiful family including two lovely girls. Oh, back to school; I participated in numerous programs (Junior Achievement, Metropolitan Leadership Program, Bridge Science and Math Academy, etc…,) as well as ran track for four years (senior year wrestle for the wrestling team). Attended St. Louis University and graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice in 1998 (work in two internships with St. Louis City Police Narcotics and Federal US Marshal Service EAST St. Louis Office). During my time at St. Louis University I ran for the Cross Country and Track team. Also I work on a lot of political campaigns for Rev. Everett R. Thomas (mostly in the field passing out fliers, talking with people, etc…) in his runs for Mayor of Northwoods, State Rep., and Normandy School Board.

Then I began to work in the world; first as a community organizer for ACORN. I had disagreements with how this particular branch was operating under the leadership of the then program manager so I left. I then work as a child care worker for Epworth Children’s Home and Evangelical Children’s Home (lock down unit; secondary detention). For a year or so I work at both residential facilities. From then I work for the Department of Social Services; Division of Family Services (later Children’s Division). For the first six and a half years I was a Protective Investigator for child abuse and neglect (even work for Florida’s Dept. of Children and Families from 2000-2001 as a Protective Investigator where I received a certification in Investigations from the state of Florida). For the last two years I was promoted to the position of Intensive In-Home services case manager in which this time I help preserved the family unit instead of investigating them with the possible removal of children. In 2008 I moved to the Washington DC area and worked for the first 4 months as a case manager for Community Connections in the Mental Health field (SE DC). After that I began to work for Fairfax Juvenile Domestic Court in the detention center. Then I, well I am currently work as a case manager for the Post-Depositional Program (BETA)…


I forgot to add during my time in Missouri was work in a lot of grassroot movements (Better Family Life) and was a shop steward for Local CSW 6355. I participated in numerous protests, marches, well anything that would help improve the unfair conditions of people. Also during this time I started writing more, a lot more.

It started with poetry and to short stories (wrote poems in middle school, skip high school and started back in college). I spoke a poetry readings (meet great poets MK Stallings well knew him and the family for many years lol and Shareca “Sheabrown” Pitts), participated in a poetry slam (that was fun and nerve racking at the same time) and began working with Joel Charles and F. Kenneth Taylor on the foundations of ShadowKill. With the help of Leonard Taylor III (great artist and creative mind in comic book fiction) we produced Shadowkill ( in 2008. In 2009 I published Avenging Knights “Rebirth of Lost Honor” (,, and This was a special moment due to me and a childhood friend Everett R. Thomas created Avenging Knights in elementary school with drawings and crazy looking comic books. Yah bless for giving me the opportunity to put this out and look forward for a second book on Avenging Knights….somewhere in the near future.

Well that’s my introduction piece for now. To be honest I’m glad to have that over with due to I really hate talking about myself. Look at it this way, I am the guy who doesn’t care for personal birthday parties due to being the center of attention (yes I might be odd but oh well).

Well, until next time…….

more ramblings lol. Lol……

yes lol…

2 thoughts on “My favorite….naw not really but introduction of me…

  1. I’m forever proud to say you are truly one of my best friends in this world….I love you msn and continue being the supernova you are, you inspire me to climb higher and shine brighter daily


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