The enemy called Writer’s block….

I am in the midst, almost like a damn fog trying to make headway on my new project. I really don’t want to say the name, well just yet but its a true sci-fi novel. I am at a point to where I really want this story to connect for the race to the end; the end is plan out, just the middle is still in a haze.

Any note, I have been staring at this lap top for almost a week. Making minor corrections here and there, some add ons, some new words but no headway. The really think the greatest enemy to a writer is getting over the perception that he or she would fail if it isn’t perfect. I guess you can say that about any project or goal one is trying to complete. Well I am saying this about mines….

Any comments on that rambling let me know lol (I know I am using the new age internet language so whatever). But seriously, look out for the novel version of Shadowkill; the comic book has already been out but its time to complete the story minus the colorful yet beautiful pictures.

I will blog more… very soon but I must defeat this enemy; this foe that at time makes me doubt myself more than others….

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