The tale…


A new evil has arisen in 4th Lebos. It’s become known as the Doomonster, and its destructive force dwells in another dimension. In exchange for all of the gold in 4th Lebos, the Doomonster captures and imprisons Mela, a sorceress whose powers are deep in the golden world. He must have those powers for himself; he plans to break her will so he can gain some of the hidden enchantment from her former clan.

But when Mela doesn’t return from her patrol duties, her group of rebel warriors, led by the knight Sharpstar, fear she is in grave danger. They strike out from their camp to not only rescue Mela, but also to discover the truth about her abduction and the plans of the rulers of 4th Lebos. The rulers are attempting to revise the dark magic of the old masters and resume their quest of total control and destruction.

Peril lurks around every corner in this mythical land of dangerous territories and secret lands. Sharpstar and his group of warriors face challenges on many fronts, but they bravely accept their mission and confront the evil entity in Avenging Knights: Rebirth of Lost Honor.

Well, that was the official review of the book, the general summary…..

Yes, ok but heck you heard something like this before???

This time, just picture walking out of a death woods, aching, hurting and just downtrodden from a near death experience (of course not the real world!!).  The first thing you see is your mode of transportation in ruins all in the while your friends are getting attack by a shadow demons of the old realm…

Yes you day continues to digress in suckness!

Every hero has a story, sometimes it’s black and white, a thinking error to a point.  But really life is more complex than, “he’s evil, she’s bad, make them pay, blah, blah, rinse=spin.”  A hero steps out from themselves to an area of extreme discomfort even when the last thing on their minds is to continue…….

Sometimes revenge isn’t the best dish serve cold….  a lot of times it isn’t a dish at all.

Just a reward of consequence…

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